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Center for Faith and Vocation

Founded by a Lilly Endowment Grant in 2003, the Center for Faith and Vocation at Butler University has been a place on campus for students to discover a life of purpose, meaning, and contribution by inviting students into the community, interfaith engagement, vocational reflection, and spaces for wellness.  

Help Us Continue to Meet the Moment

As we navigate this unique moment within the pandemic, we need to remain creative, innovative, and dynamic in the ways we offer opportunities for students to encounter interfaith engagement and vocational reflection.  

Your gifts to the Center for Faith and Vocation Gift Fund can help us do the following:

Interfaith Engagement

Through funds for Interfaith Collaboration Programs, students will continue to have the opportunity to learn about differing spiritual faiths and traditions through meaningful events and conversations. With events such as the New View Film Series and the Religion Seminar Series, students and the Indianapolis community continue to explore Interfaith collaborations, service, and dialogue.

DEI Initiatives

The CFV houses over a dozen different student communities that offer diverse programming events and opportunities for education. For Butler University Professors, the Social Justice and Diversity Vocation Fellowship, a collaboration with the SJD Committee, CaPS, the Office of the Provost, and the six Colleges, is designed to offer a rich variety of content that leads to reflection on how to incorporate SJD curriculum into teaching content.


Through the CFV Internship Program, students have had the opportunity to engage with the Indianapolis community while gaining real work experience. Each cohort is led through vocational discussions throughout their internship experience, and student reflections are shared at the end of their experiences working within the community.

CFV Scholars Programming

With funds for the Scholars Program, CFV Scholars will have more opportunities to engage in reflective conversations around topics they are interested in. The Scholars Program will also be able to host more events and projects geared for Scholars.  

Student Testimonials

I have a newfound appreciation for the people that take the time out of their day to advocate for the Muslim Community and encourage civic engagement amongst the community. The [internship] experience has been very humbling to me and allowed me to make connections and friendships outside of my local Islamic community.” – Yossra Daiya ’24 

Through my [CFV] internship with the Center for Interfaith Cooperation (CIC), I had the opportunity to get out of the Butler Bubble and engage with the broader Indianapolis community. I am grateful to the CIC for giving me the opportunity to grow and become a more assertive leader in the Butler and Indianapolis community.” – James Ewing ’21 

Before beginning my internship with the CFV, I wasn’t familiar with all the resources and interfaith opportunities offered at Butler. I was familiar with other religions and backgrounds but attending events that provided a space for learning allowed for conversations and moments of reflection. It was an invitation to better myself and my perspective on others, all while gaining skills I’ll be able to use in the workforce.” – Janet Lovera ’23  

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