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Student Affairs

The collective work of our Student Affairs department enhances the Butler student experience by fostering a holistic, integrated, and strategic approach to student well-being. Through BU│BeWell, we contribute to a robust campus environment that helps Butler students grow, learn, and be the best version of themselves. Our goal is to be the national leader in providing a transformative, holistic student experience, and to prepare for the students of tomorrow we must continue to evolve. Specifically, we know we must provide additional resources to assist our most vulnerable students to support their mental health, those who represent diverse identities, and those who are experiencing personal challenges.   

Vice President of Student Affairs Funding Priority

Mental health directly impacts students’ overall well-being and their ability to learn and be successful. Supporting mental health care efforts leads to Butler students with improved academic performance who are more engaged and thrive on campus. Previous support for the Vice President For Student Affairs Priorities Fund has contributed to mental health resources including subscriptions to Headspace for all Butler students and implementation of virtual teletherapy services to supplement counseling on campus. Donating to the Vice President of Student Affairs Priority Needs Fund helps students through increased outreach efforts and resources to support their mental health and more. Make your gift to the Vice President of Student Affairs Priority Needs Fund today!

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Some call it giving back, we call it the Butler Way. Thank you, Bulldogs! And a special thank you to Ken Massaroni '83 and Lori Ziemba '82, and Lynne Zydowsky '81for funding this challenge.
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8 College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences 110
9 Jordan College of the Arts 80
10 Esports 57
11 Hub for Black Affairs and Community Engagement 55
12 Student Affairs 46
13 Center for Faith and Vocation 24
14 Career and Professional Success 21
15 Butler Arts and Events Center 15
16 Libraries 10
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8 Fort Wayne Community 9
9 Cincinnati Community 8
10 Washington, DC Community 8
11 Greater Evansville Community 7
12 Atlanta Community 6
13 Mile High Community 5
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