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The collective work of our Student Affairs department enhances the Butler student experience by fostering a holistic, integrated, and strategic approach to student well-being. Through BU│BeWell, we contribute to a robust campus environment that helps Butler students grow, learn, and be the best version of themselves. Our goal is to be the national leader in providing a transformative, holistic student experience, and to prepare for the students of tomorrow we must continue to evolve. Specifically, we know we must provide additional resources to assist our most vulnerable students to support their mental health, those who represent diverse identities, and those who are experiencing personal challenges.   

 Student Affairs Funding Priorities

VP for Student Affairs Priority Needs Fund
This fund allows the VP for Student Affairs to direct funds to the highest and most urgent priorities directly related to our BU│BeWell framework which supports, among other strategic commitments, identifying and caring for physical and emotional needs, diversity and inclusion, and strengthening community through service and shared interests, both within Butler and the greater Indianapolis area.  

Ayres Student Assistance Fund
The Ayres Student Assistance Fund helps students whose financial need increases due to a change in their financial circumstances which could prevent them from completing their education at Butler University (i.e. parent/personal job loss, disability, etc.). Supporting the Ayres fund provides financial resources to students at-risk of not being able to graduate into the alumni family. The BU Alumni Association board of directors will match gifts, dollar for dollar up to $8,000.

Melissa Smurdon, Director of Financial Aid has shared this thought. “I have worked in the Butler Office of Financial Aid for 28 years. The Ayres Student Assistance Fund is one of the most impactful aid programs we have to target support to students exactly where needed.  For a student who has already invested significantly in a Butler education, a small Butler investment in turn pays huge dividends over a lifetime for that student and the Butler community.”

Student Emergency Assistance Fund
This fund was created in the fall of 2018 to provide monetary assistance to students with a short-term financial hardship or immediate expense that may impact their academic success at Butler. Examples include:  

·  Unexpected medical and dental expenses

·  Housing and living costs

·  Transportation needs

·  Family/personal emergencies

·  Natural disasters

·  Theft

Participation Challenge
Some call it giving back, we call it the Butler Way. Thank you, Bulldogs! And a special thank you to Ken Massaroni '83 and Lori Ziemba '82, and Lynne Zydowsky '81for funding this challenge.
1,500 / 1,500 Gifts
Alumni Community Leaderboard
Check out which Alumni Communities are making the largest impact on Butler Day of Giving!
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Rank Answer Amount
1 Central Indiana Community $22,960.00
2 Chicago Community $17,453.01
3 MBA Community $4,425.00
4 Greater Detroit Community $2,550.00
5 Greater Boston Community $2,410.00
6 Bay Area Community $2,230.00
7 Black Alumni Association $2,100.00
8 LGBT Alumni Association $2,075.00
9 Greater New York Community $1,675.00
10 Washington, DC Community $1,600.00
11 Greater Evansville Community $1,520.00
12 Atlanta Community $1,100.01
13 St. Louis Community $1,000.00
14 Cincinnati Community $990.18
15 Young Alumni Board $830.10
16 Fort Wayne Community $410.00
17 Mile High Community $275.00
Butler Fund for Student Scholarship Matching Challenge
Gifts made to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $25,000 on Day of Giving. Butler University has steadily grown our financial aid allocation to nearly $78 million per year, but we need your help to further expand the financial resources available to our students and their families. Your gift to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship will allow students to continue to experience the superior education that can only be offered at Butler University.
$25,000 MATCHED
A Final Four Challenge
Let's finish strong over the last 4 hours of BU Day of Giving! Gifts made to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $10,000. Your gift to the Butler Fund for Student Scholarship could be the game-winner pushing us over the 1,500 gift goal unlocking an additional $50,000 in student scholarship support!
$10,000 MATCHED
BUAA Ayres Student Assistance Fund Challenge
Thank you to the Butler University Alumni Association for sponsoring this challenge!
$8,000 MATCHED
Young Alumni Board Challenge
Young alumni rock! Thanks for your support!
100 / 100 Gifts
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